08 October 2007

Chatting with the Police

So, here's a fun conversation to have with the authorities.

MBC (On the phone): Hi. So, um, I'm planning, with a group, to build catapults to use with our leftover Halloween pumpkins in November, and, well, um, are we going to get in trouble for that?

Officer: You . . . ? Wait, what do you want to do with your pumpkins?

MBC: Launch them. As far as possible.

We're probably not going to do that now, though, because it's "technically illegal." It's considered LAUNCHING A MISSILE! Snowball fights are actually a legal infraction, too. A snowball fight is just a big, organized missile launch. Oddly enough, I think dodgeball is still allowed.


Alice said...

Well, dodgeball is technially not legal in my school district...but we do it anyway. I figure if I get fired, it is just a way to get me into another career field. Too bad about the pumpkins. We really should have just asked for forgiveness rather than permission!

MBC said...

I don't think I've completely repaired my relationship with the police yet, so I'm not willing to take any chances with their goodwill when it comes to projectiles. The guy I talked to was very nice about it, though.

Rebekah said...

I called the police on Saturday to report a dead dear on 9th East. She was beautiful. I cried a little.

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