19 November 2014

We Gots Snow

We had our first snowfall on Friday.  I took The Bairn outside after dinner with a flashlight, and we built a snowman.  At the last minute, right before we came back in the house, he informed me that it was a snowduck, so I slapped a bill on its head and went inside to rescue Ellen from the despair of being left inside.

Yesterday the snowduck melted.  The Bairn stood by its remnants (a big chunk of ice) in the grass and demanded to know what had happened.  Had the snow flown back up in the clouds?

We were thrilled when we came downstairs this morning and snow was flying again.  I bundled the kids up in all their snow gear.  Ellen fell over as soon as I put her in her boots and set her on her feet.  She lay in the hallway, calling, "Mommy?  Mommy?"  Outside, we tried to resurrect the snowduck, but the new snow was too powdery.  Instead, The Bairn made tracks and Ellen licked the snowduck chunk and we all hustled back inside when the wind blew too hard.

The Bairn was only too pleased to come in when I promised him his first ever cup of hot cocoa.  Marshmallow and all.

12 November 2014

Snow Boots

I pulled the snow boots out last week after we had snow flurries.  Ellen's are too big, but they stay on because they're high.  More importantly, though, they are pink and fuzzy and she LUVS them.  She brought them to me every day last week and insisted on tramping around the house in them.  Sometimes she added an extra dash of fancy by making herself a shawl out of a dish towel to complete the look.

Watch out boys.  She'll chew you up.

09 November 2014

Gems From The Bairn

Fruit flies were swarming some leftover apple on a plate at our table and they were distressing The Bairn.  He flung out his arms and announced, "I am a scarecrow of bugs." 

He still has a few strange turns of phrase.  My favorites are

I am interested of  _____ (bugs, lightning, etc.)


I will pull up it

There's a dead raccoon on the side of the road a few houses down from us.  The Bairn's very concerned about it and wants to take it to its home, although it's been there so long that it's now almost unrecognizable as an animal.  A few weeks ago we passed it in the stroller while talking about Halloween decorations that are full of air.  "Maybe we could pump that raccoon full of air and make it better," The Bairn suggested.

He doesn't really understand death, which is probably why he calls the gravestones we pass mate-o-malts.  His own word that he came up with himself.

03 November 2014

The First Halloween

The Bairn was a puppy for Halloween. It was the first year we celebrated the holiday with him.

Ellen has a weird relationship with his costume.

I didn't dress Ellen up, but I did stuff her sweet feet in the pumpkin slippers when we went to town that day and when we went out trick-or-treating.

Just before we were heading out the door in the evening, The Bairn asked me what I was going to be for Halloween.  Um, well . . .   He decided that I should be a kitty, so I blacked my nose with mascara and we headed out.  We visited the two neighbours we know well and then headed down the street behind us.  The Bairn was most interested in inspecting all of the Halloween decorations and in a dog dressed as a bumble bee (he was very concerned about the dog's flight abilities).

When we got home, Ellen carried around one of the many, many bags of cheese puffs we collected; The Bairn ate one of the granola bars ("fenilla bars") he received; and Steve handed out candy to the four children who made their way to the door.

It was a good first Halloween for The Bairn.

30 October 2014

Fun Time Pastime

My kids love the mall.  I don't know what's wrong with them.

I nipped a fit in the bud this week by offering to take The Bairn to ride on the "riders" at our local mall.  A nice old man saw me unloading both kids at one of the little rides and, after making the obligatory you've got your hands full remark, started pulling coins from his pockets to set the ride on its clunky see-sawing way.  I frantically shook my head, mouthing, He doesn't KNOW.  The Bairn just enjoys sitting across from a pig in a jaunty hat.  He doesn't need the pig to teeter-totter with him.

It's mostly just the three of us and the elderly at the mall on any given morning.  The old people eat donuts in the food court and laugh when The Bairn yells at the motorcycle ride to go faster or makes loud revving sound effects. 

Between rides, I stuff The Bairn back into the stroller and Ellen back into the side sling and we zip into stores to check prices on baby girl snow boots.  The price of baby girl snow boots is outlandish!  We will never ever buy new baby girl snow boots. 

As soon as we get to the car, The Bairn starts asking when we can return.  Seriously, what's wrong with this kid?

22 October 2014

Still with the Jet Lag

Things to Know about Our Trip to Utah

  1. It was my parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration.
  2. My sister made delicious food, and children performed magic tricks and dances and violin solos and renditions of songs from Disney movies I've never seen.
  3. One of my brothers is an undercover cop, so he has kind of a white supremacist look going on, but he was the person Ellen warmed up to the fastest.  What does this say about my baby?
  4. My other brother is the kind of uncle who swoops in with donuts and $10 bills, making him the relative to watch in the competition for favorite aunt/uncle.
  5. While The Bairn was in heaven in Utah (and I considered sending him back there today when he was throwing a fit and knocking my art off the walls), Ellen was in baby hell.  She couldn't stand being so loved by so many.  She even refused to dance while we were away.  Now that we're back she's much happier but she refuses to sleep in her crib and she can't get back on Atlantic Time.
  6. We had a family picture taken. It's a good picture, but I got a cheap haircut right when we got to Utah, so I can't get over how bad I look in the photo.  Also, apparently, I'm fatter than I thought I was.   
  7. Possibly I'm fatter than I thought because I'm always stress-eating chocolate chips and peanuts when my child is throwing fits and knocking my art off the walls. 
The Bairn climbing a fence with a cousin.  He's having a hard time now that he's home and can't roam around outside as much as he could on vacation.

19 October 2014

My Bigsy Girl

When Ellen was born, the nurses handed her to me (after pumping her full of oxygen) and she seemed entirely familiar.  I looked at her and thought, "Well there's my Baby E." 

Today she turned one.  

She gives the best kisses.  Actual kisses with a satisfying mmmm-wah sound effect to accompany each one. 

She climbs like a monkey. 

She's sweet and gentle. 

We love her dearly.  Today in the car The Bairn was watching her sleep and said to me, "She's so cute.  Can I hug and kiss her?"

Yesterday we celebrated her birthday with Steve's parents and aunt, two little children close to my kids' ages, and the children's mothers.  Ellen enjoyed a pumpkin roll.

Now, right this moment, she is enjoying some jet-lagged staying awake past her bedtime.  Again.  I will forgive her because it is her special day.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

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