22 October 2014

Still with the Jet Lag

Things to Know about Our Trip to Utah

  1. It was my parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration.
  2. My sister made delicious food, and children performed magic tricks and dances and violin solos and renditions of songs from Disney movies I've never seen.
  3. One of my brothers is an undercover cop, so he has kind of a white supremacist look going on, but he was the person Ellen warmed up to the fastest.  What does this say about my baby?
  4. My other brother is the kind of uncle who swoops in with donuts and $10 bills, making him the relative to watch in the competition for favorite aunt/uncle.
  5. While The Bairn was in heaven in Utah (and I considered sending him back there today when he was throwing a fit and knocking my art off the walls), Ellen was in baby hell.  She couldn't stand being so loved by so many.  She even refused to dance while we were away.  Now that we're back she's much happier but she refuses to sleep in her crib and she can't get back on Atlantic Time.
  6. We had a family picture taken. It's a good picture, but I got a cheap haircut right when we got to Utah, so I can't get over how bad I look in the photo.  Also, apparently, I'm fatter than I thought I was.   
  7. Possibly I'm fatter than I thought because I'm always stress-eating chocolate chips and peanuts when my child is throwing fits and knocking my art off the walls. 
The Bairn climbing a fence with a cousin.  He's having a hard time now that he's home and can't roam around outside as much as he could on vacation.

19 October 2014

My Bigsy Girl

When Ellen was born, the nurses handed her to me (after pumping her full of oxygen) and she seemed entirely familiar.  I looked at her and thought, "Well there's my Baby E." 

Today she turned one.  

She gives the best kisses.  Actual kisses with a satisfying mmmm-wah sound effect to accompany each one. 

She climbs like a monkey. 

She's sweet and gentle. 

We love her dearly.  Today in the car The Bairn was watching her sleep and said to me, "She's so cute.  Can I hug and kiss her?"

Yesterday we celebrated her birthday with Steve's parents and aunt, two little children close to my kids' ages, and the children's mothers.  Ellen enjoyed a pumpkin roll.

Now, right this moment, she is enjoying some jet-lagged staying awake past her bedtime.  Again.  I will forgive her because it is her special day.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.

16 October 2014

We're Back

And we're tired.

Here are a couple of pictures to tide you over until I have time for a real post.

Here's E carrying a screwdriver across my sister's lawn, as you do, after being dressed in some kind of weird tutu by her aunt.

And here's The Bairn in his favorite climbing tree.  I wish we had one for him at home.

02 October 2014

Here We Are In Utah

The Bairn's new vision of paradise is the Marmot House.  There's an apple tree in the backyard that he likes to sit in with his cousins.  There are cars and trucks to play with, and he asks to take a nap in his tiny bed on the floor each afternoon.  I don't think he even notices when I run off shopping with my sister, because he just stays behind with Grandma and talks to the chickens in the yard.

24 September 2014

The Blogging is Not Coming Easily Today

Ellen attended her first non-family birthday party last week.  She loved the scones, but a dog sneezed near her and made her cry, so she had mixed feelings about the whole experience.

The birthday boy's mother is Scottish so The Bairn got to read a lot of children's books about bagpipes and haggis and Stirling Castle, and the birthday was on the same day as the Scottish independence referendum vote, so that was appropriate.

My only friends in Canada are over 60-years-old or British.

That's all.

21 September 2014


We're bringing this (sweater vest and all) to Utah next week.

I haven't packed yet, but I have begun the very important task of sorting out the US quarters, nickels, and dimes from our Canadian money to create my chocolate-covered cinnamon bear fund.

11 September 2014

For the Grandparents: 10-Months-Old

Ellen is 10-months-old for another week and she is such a pleasant person.

She loves to dance.  Steve calls her his dancing bear and if we say dance dance dance or dancing bear to her, she starts to bop.  She also does a sweet dance to any music she hears, even if it's just me singing to The Bairn at bedtime.

She walks like a champion.

She has six teeth and is working on another one.

She remains cautious with strangers and rarely gives them smiles or anything resembling friendliness.

She has learned the art of protest and arches her back, kicks her feet, and shrieks if she is displeased.  She also shrieks just for fun, often while Steve is making business calls or, her favorite, in the middle of church.

She's always finding 'hats.'  She loves to pick up pieces of clothing, diaper changing pads, or wash cloths and place them on her head.  Then she laughs crazily and takes off running.  I don't know all of the rules of the game yet, but it's her favorite.

She has little curls that spring out around her head in the humidity that make her look like a little angel baby.

She remains very independent and content most of the time and she is a treat.
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