21 November 2018

35 +4

Neglected as my poor blog is, it seems a shame not to mention on it, for posterity, that we're expecting a baby in about 4 weeks.  Four weeks and not 5, because I am of 'advanced maternal age,' so my doctors won't allow me to go past my due date, which is just fine, because it means I should have plenty of time to have a baby, spend a couple of quiet nights in the hospital eating their very fine vegetable lasagna, and still get home in time for my parents to arrive Christmas night before celebrating Christmas on Boxing Day.  Fortunately, my kids are bad at calendar use, so waiting an extra day for the holidays will not make their heads explode.

25 August 2018

Why a Cat is Such a Great Pet

While riding in the car earlier this week, Ellen was bemoaning the fact that she has no friends except the cat.  She says a cat is not a good friend because sometimes a cat will scratch.  The Bairn helpfully pointed out, though, that a cat is a really exceptional pet, because it can be both a friend and a weather indicator.  If you pat it and it's wet, it's raining outside.  If you pet it and it's hot, it's sunny outside.  And so on.  Thank goodness for Furball.

24 August 2018

The Daily Bittle

Today I finished reading Ivy & Bean: No News is Good News to the kids and The Bairn was very taken with the idea of creating a local newspaper.  He started one for our house called The Daily Bittle.  It only has two and a half headlines but they are as follows:

Baby Catastrophe!  (who knows which of Nee-Nee's catastrophes he's referring to)
Cereal at Wal-Mart is only $2!
Baby is . . . (again, who knows what he was going to report here)

Unfortunately, The Bairn does not love printing, so he abandoned his newspaper for bike riding.

11 August 2018


The children found a cat.  They are thrilled.  They named it Furball and made it a house on the deck (since I will not allow it in the house).  Ellen takes little dishes of water out to Furball and then loses her mind when Nee-Nee puts a rock in the dish and ruins Furball's cleaning drinking supply.  The kids want to feed the cat, but Mama says that it can either find its way back home or learn to eat the plentiful supply of mice in our yard.

Foolish Furball has stuck around for 24 hours now even after discovering what kind of children live in this house.  Ellen grabs Furball at every opportunity, forces her (him?) to the ground and pets her furiously.  Ellen came inside in tears this morning after Furball scratched her.  It was a tiny scratch but Ellen was devastated that her best friend would do such a thing to her.

03 July 2018


Little Natey calls himself 'Nee-Nee' and briefly said 'nes' for 'yes,' which is probably the cutest thing I've ever heard in my whole entire life.  Then he said 'nip' for 'yes.' Also cute.

Nee-Nee is two.  He is my most polite child but if I turn my back on him, he colors the kitchen table with markers, empties the silverware drawer into the sink, and uses the spray bottle to soak all the furniture.

He says the sweetest tiny prayers with arms folded tightly.  He loves puppies and 'Howdy' and "E-uh."  He sleeps in his own bed but flings the master bedroom door open sometime early in the morning to come find me every single day.  Fortunately, he'll snuggle back down if I join him.  Yesterday, I saw him find a sample of cat food we received in the mail.  Mistaking it for a treat, he hustled it outside and climbed to the top of the play structure with it where I saw him trying to wrestle it open in secret.  He brought it back unopened, but if made me laugh and laugh.  Earlier in the day, also at the top of the structure, he frantically steered the steering wheel, yelling to me, "Drive away from worms!"

He repeats words.  "I want want want cookie."  "I need need need dat!"

He loves to "fly" to bed and I just love to see him pattering around the house (E sometimes calls him Baby Tap Tap, because we can hear his little feet coming and going).

23 February 2018

8 Years

Steve and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on Tuesday.  We spent the previous week in Ohio at a trade show with just the two of us and the baby, which is pretty luxurious for us at this point in our lives.  Steve's parents stayed with the two older children and, the kids tell me, let them watch movies past bedtime and eat candy and ice cream.  I came home to a house cleaner than it's been in ages, so it was a giant win all around!

On our actual anniversary, Steve and I shared red velvet cupcakes with the kids (our wedding cake was red velvet) and I gave Steve this card by Nikki McClure.  It's called 'Seal.'

An Impending Birthday Party/The Party is Over

I started writing this post about The Bairn's upcoming birthday:

The Bairn is turning six this month.  (How can it be?  Wasn't he just born?  Soon he'll be in college!  etc.)  Now that he's in school, he's discovered the world of birthday parties.  In the past, we've mostly just invited a few family members to the house for a homemade ice cream cake and then taken a trip to the wave pool or a museum as a special treat.  This year I have promised The Bairn a birthday party.  He came home from school today and told me that he would not tell me anything about his day, because it's a secret, except that he asked his enemy at school if he would be nice if he came to The Bairn's birthday party, and the enemy said, 'Yes.'  The Bairn informed me that this means we will be inviting the entire Grade Primary class to his party.

Then a month went by without finishing the post and now the birthday has come and gone.  [And I still didn't post it, so now Valentine's Day (mentioned below) is past also.  I'm winning at blogging.]

I talked The Bairn into only inviting the boys in his class to his party and told him we would be having it at home, despite the fact that birthday parties at home are Not The Thing at The Bairn's school.  Keep the Expectations Low is my main parenting philosophy.  [We prepared valentines today.  There are no toys or candy attached to the cards we printed out from the Internet.  My other philosophy is I Don't Care What the Joneses are Doing!  We're Not Keeping Up with Anyone!  Fight the treat bags, people.  Srsly.]

The party was Lego Ninjago themed, and Papa came as Sensei Wu and trained all the aspiring ninjas.  Ellen is still wearing her ninja headband (strip cut off an old bed sheet - I am SERIOUS about the low expectations).  She even wore it to church and while she was making 'snow ninjas' in the yard yesterday.

I added a note on all the invitations that gifts weren't necessary [loooow expectations], but every single child still brought The Bairn something.  We opened presents at the same time we did the cake, and The Bairn was so excited by his Lego sets that he didn't even eat any of his own cake until the next day.

Baby Ninja

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