17 December 2014

Baby E

I just love her sweet curls. That is all.

11 December 2014

Christmas-ing It Up

We decorated the house last week and got out the nativity for the kids.  It makes Steve very nervous when they touch it, even though I purchased it specifically for that purpose.

Shepherds taste delicious.

This week we brought home a Christmas tree. When we got home, Ellen dressed herself up in some warmer gear.  She loves wearing gloves and hats.

She even kept her hat on for the eating of the Christmas tree-shaped fruit snack before standing awe-struck in front of the tree for a bit.

10 December 2014

Baby Love

Last night The Bairn and I were discussing Ellen and how she's a baby now but will get bigger and will stop being a baby and then we'll have ANOTHER baby [note: I am not pregnant].  "And then we'll have more and more babies!" The Bairn enthused.  When I asked how many babies he thought we should have, he very promptly announced that there would be ten more babies.  Hmmm.  Not so much.  It's too bad, though, because Ellen and The Bairn do LOVE babies.

My friend brought her infant, Caitlyn, over last week.  We pulled the exersaucer out of the basement and settled Caitlyn in it and my kids went wild with delight.  All morning Ellen crooned, "Oh, babe-baby.  Bee-bee-beeeee.  Baby see."  And then she'd lean in as far as she could over the exersaucer and pile paper towels on Caitlyn's head.

The Bairn, though generally a clever kid, couldn't figure out that Caitlyn and his sister were not the same person.  He was really thrilled to have a baby girl in the toy-contraption-machine, but he kept asking me why I'd put E in there and looking startled when he saw, he thought, his sister in an exersaucer and then turned around and saw her gathering paper towels behind him.

We need a little more time before we add another baby to this mix, though, because Ellen and The Bairn are still working on peacefully co-existing in a shopping cart.  One day a woman in the grocery store saw The Bairn kissing Ellen in the seat next to him and came over to tell me what an adorable sight it was, but she missed part 2, in which Ellen did all the screaming and I did all the threatening when The Bairn refused to STOP kissing her because 'I just love her so much.'

04 December 2014

It's a Jolly Holiday with Ellen (and The Bairn)

Our Christmas festivities began two weeks ago, because Canada doesn't have any holidays after November 11 to prevent Christmas creep.  We took the kids to the Santa Claus parade in town.  This year I knew to bundle them in snowsuits AND to bring a thermos of hot chocolate.  They sat together in the double stroller and The Bairn requested that I hold his hand while he watched the floats in awe. When the parade was over, he asked, "Where are those clowns and trucks going?  Let's follow those clowns and trucks!"

Ellen only has about five words and an additional five signs, but she still manages to be quite clear in her communication.  Here was her take on the parade (with a bit of padding by me):

Before the parade began:

Out [of this stroller]!

After the parade began:

More [delightful animals and dancing gingerbread folk]!

26 November 2014

Chicky Bick

This is Chicky Bick. He (she?) is my children's best friend. They love him.  He plays all the funnest games and says all the best things.  He gives kisses and tickles and generally delights the kids every time they see him.  Somehow, Chicky Bick is better than I am at everything even though I am Chicky Bick.  "Here, put Chicky Bick on your hand," The Bairn is always bossing me. 

Sometimes I hide him, when it is just too exhausting to be so delightful.

19 November 2014

We Gots Snow

We had our first snowfall on Friday.  I took The Bairn outside after dinner with a flashlight, and we built a snowman.  At the last minute, right before we came back in the house, he informed me that it was a snowduck, so I slapped a bill on its head and went inside to rescue Ellen from the despair of being left inside.

Yesterday the snowduck melted.  The Bairn stood by its remnants (a big chunk of ice) in the grass and demanded to know what had happened.  Had the snow flown back up in the clouds?

We were thrilled when we came downstairs this morning and snow was flying again.  I bundled the kids up in all their snow gear.  Ellen fell over as soon as I put her in her boots and set her on her feet.  She lay in the hallway, calling, "Mommy?  Mommy?"  Outside, we tried to resurrect the snowduck, but the new snow was too powdery.  Instead, The Bairn made tracks and Ellen licked the snowduck chunk and we all hustled back inside when the wind blew too hard.

The Bairn was only too pleased to come in when I promised him his first ever cup of hot cocoa.  Marshmallow and all.

12 November 2014

Snow Boots

I pulled the snow boots out last week after we had snow flurries.  Ellen's are too big, but they stay on because they're high.  More importantly, though, they are pink and fuzzy and she LUVS them.  She brought them to me every day last week and insisted on tramping around the house in them.  Sometimes she added an extra dash of fancy by making herself a shawl out of a dish towel to complete the look.

Watch out boys.  She'll chew you up.
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