12 November 2007

The Good and The Bad

This weekend I ate at One World Everybody Eats, a hippie/local/organic restaurant and a nonprofit organization. At One World there's no set menu, everyone pays whatever they feel their meal is worth, and there's always a complimentary staple dish for people who can't afford to pay. One of One World's goals is to eliminate food waste, so you choose how much of each dish you want, starting with smaller portions and going back for more if you like it. I LOVE the concept of this restaurant AND my pumpkin-crust quiche and sqash-tofu something or other were both delicious (I also had kale with vinaigrette and wasabi noodles, which were good). I don't know if my friends enjoyed it as much as I did (or at all), but it reminded me of the local restaurants I loved in Bloomington.

Later that evening, it was decided that pie was the necessary end to the night. It took quite a bit of work, but we eventually located and were seated at a Marie Callender's. I'm, admittedly, not a huge fan of Marie Callender's--the pies can be sickeningly sweet and no restaurant pie crust is ever as good as homemade--but I never think pie is a bad idea. A slice of pie cost $4 and a whole pie cost $10, so we decided to buy three pies and share them. They wouldn't let us. Whole pies can only be purchased TO GO. What kind of ridiculous trying-to-gouge-the-customer policy is that!? Is that really what Marie would want?

So, we ordered three pies to go and took them across the street to the grocery store, where we purchased plastic forks and ate at the tables in the store's deli.

Marie and I probably won't cross paths in the future.


Amy said...

They have a restaurant like that here, too; I can't remember the name. It's very trendy for all the wealthy suburb moms to take their preschoolers there to, uh, see poverty, I guess. I haven't taken my kids because they have not yet noticed that someone has to pay for a restaurant meal. I feel eating there would be a more effective teaching tool for a teen than for a toddler.

MBC said...

Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it for kids. To start with, they would probably hate everything on the menu. For a minute, I thought you were referring to Marie Callender's and I was soooo confused.

Rebekah said...

thanks for inviting me. you + me = finished.

i'm not returning your baking dish.

MBC said...

So sorry, Rebekah.

You had to be a librarian spinster to attend.

I want a delicious baked good in that dish when you return it.

Rebekah said...

The dish will be returned filled to the brim with piping hot bitterness and gall.

I say Gooddaysir.

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