14 November 2007

The Second Day of Thanksgiving

So, I was saying how my family is nice. So, nice siblings.

I wanted to BE my sister when I was a little girl. I thought she was all things that were good and right with the world, because she took me on picnics and made me hammocks out of bath towels and gave me her chocolate Easter bunny when it was discovered that the ears on mine had snapped off in the box. She gave me her BUNNY. I had never seen such sacrifice.

When I was older, I sometimes stayed with her wherever she was living at the time. She taught me how to crash campus events where food was being served when I stayed with her at BYU. At Penn State, she made me a little bowl of broccoli that she put near my bed so that I wouldn't come home malnourished. In Saint Louis we visited the pot-bellied pigs at that one place that I can't remember the name of. (Did I mention how I'm sick and slow?)

And now, she and Marmot Dad regularly feed me and listen to my stories and take me places. Even when I'm ill and tell them I'm not coming over, they invite me to dinner and suggest that some soup and cake at their house would make me feel better, instead of saying, Yes, please keep your germ-ridden scourge of a self away from our delicate babies, which is what I would say to me.

In fact, I think on Sunday it was Marmot Dad who offered the extra invitation, which is saying something, because I'm sure it's not always the best time for him when my sister and I are together. Once, before Marmot Dad and my sister were married, we were all waiting at the airport for my mom. My sister and I were doing an our-mom-is-coming-to-see-us-and-she's-almost-here-hurray! dance in the terminal. Marmot Dad was not accustomed to such celebrations and told a little boy standing near him, "I'm so embarrassed for us." But he still invites me over and asks me questions about the kings and queens of Britain (King James had an enlarged tongue that caused him to drool), despite the possibility that dancing might break out.


I'm getting to the brothers. Just you wait.

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