30 November 2007

Short (Like an Elf) and Sweet

This week I attended Elf Training because I'm going to be a Christmas elf in a Christmas parade. I can only imagine that this will open all kinds of doors for me and my dream of becoming a Keebler Elf will finally be realized. Maybe I'll be able to make a guest appearance on the Smurfs, too. I'd love to elaborate on my new elf role, but I have to go attend a conference. I'll post book suggestions this evening when I'm done conferencing.

Books for Friends Who Like Jodi Picoult:
The Solace of Leaving Early and/or The Used World by Haven Kimmel, author of my favorite memoir
Run and/or The Patron Saint of Liars by AnnPatchett
Before You Know Kindness by Chris Bohjalian
Earthly Possessions by Anne Tyler


Ann-Marie said...

oh let me tell you-your life will never be the same after you have been an elf for a day. it's like you have access to a whole new world. it's so magical!

Rebekah said...

i'm here m-bizzle. i made it out of the vortex and my eyes have been opened. come away with me...

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