26 October 2008


I spent the night in Logan on Friday. It was Homecoming weekend for USU, which we didn't realize until we got into town and saw all the banners and chalk drawings and girls in swishy dresses.

We went to the Pumpkin Walk.

(And I took blurry pictures.)

Alice made us attend the True Aggie proceedings at midnight, so we could gawk at the spectacle.

In the morning, after taking a very circuitous route to avoid the Homecoming parade, we ate at Crumb Brothers, my new favorite place (thank you for the recommendation, Chou). I had a chocolate croissant and a pear danish and took home a loaf of sunflower bread, and they were all excellent. I want to live at the bakery, mostly so that I can eat their fantastic pastries every day, all day.

And we stopped and bought pumpkins along the side of the road, because it is October and you're not allowed to be an American if you don't buy pumpkins in the fall. Also, because I'm going to make a pumpkin pie out of one of my pumpkins and then I'm going to remember why I so appreciate the good people at Libby's and their efforts to ease my way in life by providing me with shiny cans of pumpkin goodness so that I don't have to hack up a giant pumpkin with an impossibly thick shell and pull out its nasty innards before cooking up its flesh. Except really it's probably the good people of Western Family who help me out. Because I'm cheap.

We followed first breakfast (the divine pastries) with second breakfast at the creamery. Yeah, pastries and ice cream for breakfast is every little child's dream. That's why children don't make their own breakfast decisions. Unwise. Unwise!

And we visited the student center, where I saw these mailboxes and went into raptures over them. Aren't they fantastic?


HAH said...

I LOVE Crumb Brothers! I had some fabulous pastries there last summer while I was in Logan for the operas and musicals. Their Challah is fabulous, and I loved the ginger cookies.

MBC said...

I'll have to try the challah and ginger cookies. Everything looked fabulous. Can't wait to go back.

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