13 November 2008

Fitness (Or the Lack Thereof)

The City's benefits fair was today. It's a good time. You get some free stuff, you eat low-quality pizza, you listen to the Parks and Rec guys' wives talk incessantly about toddler jeans from the Gap for 40 minutes while you wait in line to get your flu shot, and you weigh in for the holiday health incentive program.

I do not weigh as much as I thought I did. I was pretty sure I'd packed on a good 10 pounds here recently because I have not been exercising at all. My parents visited for a week, so all my free time was spent with them, and before that I was struggling because it's difficult to walk in my new neighborhood. It's possible, but it involves braving a busy turn lane (when the sidewalk briefly ends), crossing the intersection of two major roads, and cutting through a gas station parking lot. (I can sense my mother tensing up and making that sound she makes when she disapproves, even from 2,000 miles away.) Also, I'm a lazy slacker.

A couple of weeks ago, my roommate proposed that we go to the gym after work. I proposed that we go home and watch Pushing Daisies. I won. That same week, I actually felt like exercising, but I was reading and couldn't stop long enough to walk downstairs and across the parking lot. I marched back and forth across the living room with Max at my heels for 20 minutes, while I continued to read. That's as good as it got that week.

At least today I had good excuses for not exercising. I had to recover from my flu shot. And I have a cold. And I needed to come home and bake cookies. When I feel better and I have no baking needs, I'll exercise.


Cynthia said...

Pushing Daisies trumps all other activities. Except, maybe, when a 911 call is in order. And, if that requires a trip to the hospital, find a TV that is playing it.

Anonymous said...

Would Mom disapprove of your not exercising, or of your taking your life in your hands to walk in your dangerous neighborhood? Mom

Moo said...

In my college health class in Rexburg, I had to excercise 30 min. 3 times a week. Since it was cold, usually I paced around the apartment for 30 minutes, 3 times a week. I'm sending you good thoughts of health and wellness and little phlegm.

MBC said...

Cynthia--Too true. I love Ned.


Moo--Thanks for the well wishes.

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