24 November 2008

The Library Patrons Amuse Me This Week

From a conversation with a male patron who loves Sylvia Browne books:

Patron: Do you have that Stephenie Meyer book, The Host?

Me: Yes. Let me see what the waiting list looks like right now.

Patron: Because she writes those Twilight books about dumb stuff like Vampires. But The Host is about ALIENS.

* * * *

From a phone conversation with an elderly woman:

Patron: Do you have any recommendations for something to read out loud at Thanksgiving?

Me: What kind of book were you thinking of?

Patron: I want something for my son to read at Thanksgiving. He's been ensnared by a young lady, so he's spending Thanksgiving with her in California, and I need a book they can read together so they'll be busy and won't have time to get intimate. I was thinking of [something I would never read], but it could be something else. But not something with romance in it. Nothing to give them ideas.

Me: How old is your son?

Patron: 22

Me (out loud): Okay, let me just put you on hold for a minute, so I can consult with my co-worker.

Me (in head): !?! Okay, let me just put you on hold for a minute, so I can cackle with my co-worker and ask her for help, because I can't seriously consider books for your request until I stop laughing and feeling sorry for your adult son.

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