10 November 2008

Maybe Tomorrow I'll Feel Like Blogging

I have nothing to say today. I went to work. I ate dinner at my sister's house with my parents. We discovered that Marmot Babe has an incredible work ethic. He's been casually rolling over for some time now, but tonight he put in a good hour of rolling across the floor with great determination. It's incredible that he still has such a soft baby tummy with all that ab work he does. I came home and prepared lunch for tomorrow--chili that I made a month ago and saved part of in the freezer. I now give you a post I started writing about the chili on the day that I made it. It's like a DVD extra, a previously written, unposted entry that keeps me from having to write anymore tonight. Here you go--

I almost burned my lips right off my face today. This came about because I was experimenting with my favorite chili recipe, which is to say not following the recipe, which is unwise since it's my FAVORITE chili recipe and should be left alone to work its magic. I was in the store buying the sausage, though, and the woman at the meat counter was telling me about all the different kinds of sausage options and how they were ALL on sale and I didn't see the kind of sausage I actually needed and I felt all kinds of pressure, so I chose the sausage with the name that's the most fun to say. Andouille. I don't think I'd ever eaten andouille sausage before, but I like to say andouille. Andouille. Andouille. Yep, I looked it up this afternoon. Andouille is very commonly used in Cajun cooking, because it's so spicy. What's that idiom? Buy sausage in haste, repent at leisure.

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