03 November 2008

Quick Halloween Review

I went to trick-or-treating with the marmots on Friday night.

I wish Tuey were a ladybug every single day. It suits him.

After visiting the first house on the trick-or-treating route, Tuey came running down the drive, calling out, "A lillypop! A lillypop!" He was overcome by the generosity of the evening.

The Madames were both mermaids, but Madame 5-yr-old fashioned her own costume, so I doubt anyone who was not instructed that she was a mermaid recognized her as such. We didn't get any good pictures of the girls.

Marmot Babe came along too.

1 comment:

Teeners said...

I'm glad you had a good Halloween! I just tagged you! Look at my blog!

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