20 November 2008

When Authors are NOT My Friends

So, there's a local author who's very keen for me to purchase her teen fiction book for the library. Her book with no professional reviews, released by a publisher I've never heard of, unavailable for me to purchase through our vendor (or even through Amazon or one of our normal local publishing houses) that appears to be a heavy-handed moral lesson disguised as an adventure story.

Her family members have been by the library three times in the last week to gush about the book and leave promotional material with me. I got the materials the first time. I was annoyed the second time. I wanted to burn down her house (and all the copies of her book) the third time. Today I actually spoke to her, when she came into the library herself. She left me a copy of the book and told me all about it, and ended by saying that she wouldn't GIVE me a copy for the library, because then we wouldn't appreciate it, and also because this is her experiment in how to work with libraries. Well, let me tell ya, this is NOT the way to work with libraries.

Here's how to work with libraries:

1. Write a GOOD book.
2. Donate it to the library.
3. Thank the library if they add it to the collection (maybe with brownies).

I also have a book on my desk from a local author with a big warning in the front, noting that the book is for war time use only and includes a chapter on Potato Gun Napalm Gas Weapons.

Why doesn't someone cool like Khaled Hosseini come by the library to tell me about his books? I'd totally buy them.


Kirsten said...

MBC, email me the authors name and the publisher. I want to look them up.

Jaren said...

If you decide not to add the napalm gas potato gun only in times of war book, can I have it? I think I could use one of those...

MBC said...

Jaren--If I didn't like Amy so much, I'd send the book to you immediately.

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