25 December 2008


I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at the Marmot House.

We made spritz cookies, a tradition in my family.

My sister, she is amazing. She made a WONDERFUL Christmas Eve dinner of tamales and posole. Why don't I eat more hominy, when I love it so?

She rendered her own lard for the tamale dough and made the posole with pigs' feet. Oh, she loves us.

And she and Marmot Dad and I formed the tamales from scratch. They were DELICIOUS.

After singing and a nativity, the little people went to bed and Marmot Dad, my sister, and I wrapped presents and put together the kids' train set. Marmot Dad is a teensy bit on the bossy side about the train set, but we finally got it set up in a way that pleased everyone. (Marmot Dad's top is part of his special Christmas pajamas. He doesn't normally dress like a Sesame Street character.)

In the morning, we opened presents and Marmot Babe destroyed the train track. He is a master creeper and can get anywhere he wants for his baby destructo tasks.

We ate our traditional Marmot Christmas breakfast, courtesy of Marmot Dad and his mad cooking skills.

In the afternoon, my sister and I helped Madame 4-yr-old make a snow woman.

Tuey helped too.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I hope everyone has matching hats like Tuey. Glad it was a good day.

MBC said...

There are actually two of those hats and the girls used to wear them together when they were smaller. It was always hilarious looking.

Amy said...

I don't even understand those words you typed about your dinner. And my experience has been that ALL grown men are inexplicably bossy about train sets.

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