14 December 2008

The First Big Snow

The first big snow of the year hit the entire state on Saturday, which happened to be the day I was traveling to visit Moo and FarmerBoy on the farm. Fortunately, I drove to Alice's house and then she (of the Wisconsin driving -in-snow skill) drove the snowy portion of the trip.

This is the view from the car on Saturday afternoon on the way to the farm. (Hi, Mom. Don't worry; we're already back safely.) We saw about 15 car accidents on the interstate, because people are idiots in the snow. Especially people who drive Hummers.

This is the view of much improved weather on Sunday afternoon. That thing that looks like an asteroid about the strike the car in front of us is actually a streak on the windshield.

And here are some things I learned on the farm this weekend:

1. Tractors can be plugged in. Like toasters.
2. The rules of Settlers of Catan. Now I feel I can finally visit Amy and Jaren sometime.
3. Fruitcake left on the stove when the burner's turned on will catch on fire. It's an especially nice fire if the fruitcake is lined with parchment paper.
4. Opera glasses are not allowed in the British Parliament.


MP said...

Only 15? We saw at least 30 between Provo and Spanish Fork. Shane agrees with you about the idiotic drivers! 4 wheel drive doesn't work on ice!

Anonymous said...

Neither of the photos are showing up for me, so I've just substituted THE WORST SCENARIO IMAGINABLE--WITH SNOW where they should have been. (This is one reason I use Flickr to post photos instead of a blogging tool. Much less buggy than Blogger.)

Dealing with other drivers is the scariest thing about driving. And that's true even when there isn't a complicating factor like snow, or nightfall, or a windstorm to make things interesting. Thank heaven you guys made it through safely!

Kirsten said...

I too don't see any pictures, but I have seen crazy drivers on I-15 during snow storms, so I have a pretty good idea of what I would see if the pictures were there.

MBC said...

MP--Yeah, I thought it was kind of funny that it was mostly SUVs and big trucks off the road. Your car is big but ice is ice, people.

Jer--I'll have to try posting with Flickr. I fear the actual photos will be disappointing after your vivid visualization process. It was a nasty storm, though.

Kirsten--Here's what you'd see: a dark sky, some snow, a bunch of cars moving at snail's pace.

eliana said...

What is it with Settlers? I am the outcast in oh so many situations because I don't know how to play. You have one upped me again.

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