23 January 2009

The Day in Numbers

1: Trips to Italy paid in full
1/2: Episodes of House watched
4: Tires filled with air by professionals because I'm completely incapable of using a tire pressure gauge
2: Cats sung to
0: Treats purchased from new bakery while running errands
16: Treats longed for from bakery while running errands
9: Emails sent
11: Computer illiterates enlightened with the magical ways of the Internet
5: Computer illiterates remaining unenlightened in computer class (I can only do so much with the raw materials I am given)
9.25: Hours spent at work
9.75: Hours until I must return to work
1:Hunchbacks that appear to be developing from wearing headphones at my desk

Tomorrow is National Pie Day. Celebrate.


Heidi said...

I can't use a tire pressure gauge either. I even blew a tire up in my face trying to fill it!

SCS said...

What new bakery? Tell.

Ann-Marie said...

I most definitely had pie today!

MBC said...

Heidi-That's scary and lends support to my stance to make the good folks at Jiffy Lube do my tire filling.

SCS-Near K-Mart. I'll expound when I see you next.

Ann-Marie-Oh, good! I have not yet, but hope to have National Pie Weekend.

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