05 January 2009

A Little Bit More DC

The Coordinatrix and I visited the International Spy Musem. We also hung out with, I believe, three different people who work for the CIA, and NONE of them offered to use their connections to find me a boyfriend from MI-5. Selfish.

On New Year's Eve, as I opted for chicken pad thai rather than vegetable pad thai, I suddenly realized that I hadn't eaten a single vegetable since I'd flown to Charlotte (unless you count the vegetables fried into my spring rolls or the coleslaw on my pork bbq; I don't). I did, however, have a number of other delicious foods.

This is the peanut and chestnut soup from the Mount Vernon Inn.

This is heaven. These are (poorly photographed) sweet potato biscuits with crab and ham cooked in a creamy sauce from a restaurant in Alexandria.

And there were fried green tomatoes.
And the apple and cranberry holiday french toast.
And the crabcake sandwich.
And my chili half smoke from Ben's Chili Bowl.
And that is why I ate lentils for dinner tonight.


eliana said...

I shouldn't read your blog while eating lame Eggo waffles for breakfast. It is a mistake I often make.

rebekah said...

i should go to alexandria more often.

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