09 January 2009

The Rising Generation

Not to be trash talking about our teen advisory group, but I do spend a large portion of our meetings biting my tongue and hoping that the boys' deep and abiding and obsessive love of video games is just a normal teenage phase and not an indicator that they're going to turn into the guys who hang out on the library sofas reading graphic novels all day and exchanging cheat codes when they're 40. They can be special. I hope they date someday.

So, today My Cute Single Co-Worker brought me a teen group application.

MCSC-W: I didn't talk to her, but she seems normal.

MBC: Then she might not fit in.

MCSC-W: Yeah, she probably won't last.

MBC: Wait. She listed runes as one of her interests on her application.

MCSC-W: Oh, so she'll be fine.


Eliana said...

I can totally picture this group of human beings. And their future...

Kirsten said...

check out this article:


from yesterday. Video Games are not going to go away any time soon.

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