24 February 2009

Creepy Shakespeare

Anybody watched this film? It's a 1930s-style musical adaptation of the Shakespeare play with songs by Gershwin.

I like "Love's Labour's Lost."

The production by the Utah Shakespearean Festival with David Ivers was one of the very best plays I've ever seen in Cedar City. (Although I recalled Brian Vaughn starring in it. If photographic evidence can be believed, though, he was not part of the production at all.)

And I like Kenneth Branagh (who is the brains behind this production).

And I like Alessandro Nivola

who, if you're unsuccessfully trying to identify, you probably recognize from this film, in which he plays Henry Crawford:

This is one of my favorite parts of the film, when Henry is lovely and kind. Of course, immediately after this scene is the scene I only watch in fast forward, because I feel so bad for Henry. And then, of course, we discover that Henry's a terrible cad, so he deserves the scene I can't bear to watch.

I've now attempted to watch this version of "Love's Labour's Lost" about six times and I still haven't made it past the 15 minute mark. I don't think Alicia Silverstone was meant to do Shakespeare, and it turns out that Shakespeare and Gershwin together make for a bizarre cinematic experience (and not in the good way). I'll admit that I'm prejudiced against musicals, though, so if you've watched and enjoyed this film, I'm amenable to having my opinion changed.


eliana said...

I have never seen the whole thing. I have checked it out at least three times though. You are not alone!

Lady Susan said...

O.k. I have this on my netflix cue but obviously need to take it off. I vaguely remember it getting rather poor reviews when it came out decades ago which is why I never saw it in the first place. So sad.

david ivers said...

Nope. I starred in it. David Ivers here. Brian was busy doing Camelot. I mean, I love the guy...he's my best friend...but hey...give credit where it's due. Doesn't Vaughn get enough?

MBC said...

Eliana--Oh, good. I trust your good taste in these matters.

Lady Susan--Yeah, too bad it didn't turn out to be rock star awesome. It seems like a promising idea on paper.

Hello David Ivers, thanks for the clarification. You do deserve credit for that one--you stole every scene you were in. In the future I will only be impressed with Brian Vaughn's performances in plays where he actually has a role.

David Ivers said...

Bless your heart. Hope to see you this summer. Come say hi. So I know who you are!

Very best,


Sean said...

Alessandro Nivola was also in "Junebug," one of my favorite movies of all time.

MBC said...

Thanks, David, I will!

Sean--I haven't seen Junebug, but Ben McKenzie's in it, too, isn't he?

Sean said...

Ben McKenzie's in it, too, isn't he?

Yes, he is, and despite the fact that he plays an abrasive/abusive tooleriffic truck-driver-hat-wearing hick, that's the role that made me fall in love with him. I blame the meerkat scene.

Nivola is more in the background for most of the film, but the scene with his former church group made me cry, and really explained a lot about his character.

It's Amy Adams who really steals the movie, of course. She makes you want to hug her and slap her at the same time. Um, in a good way?

M.E. said...

I watched a little bit of it but the synchronized swimming was too much for me.

Hey, speaking of the festival, do you know if Michael Sharon will be there this summer?

I like the new design.

MBC said...

M.E.--No, Michael won't be in Cedar City this summer. Boo.

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