02 February 2009

Find Them and Buy Them

My brother and sister-in-law are always finding the best gifts at Target. It's remarkable. I can't decide if they find such great stuff at Target because they live in the Northeast and the Targets there have hipper stuff than they do here or if my brother and sister-in-law are just way better shoppers than I am. Either theory is completely plausible.

This year for Christmas the good shoppers got the marmots these cookie cutters.

The cookies are 3-D, as illustrated by the picture on the box.

I borrowed the cookie cutters from my sister, because I'm having lunch with a friend on Wednesday and she has a little boy who I think will appreciate jungle animal cookies for dessert. By the time I got around to making a cookie test batch tonight, I was too tired to whip up a batch of royal icing, so the giraffe is completely unadorned and the rhinoceros is just sprinkled with red sugar. I still think they're pretty fantastic. I can't even tell you how thrilling it was to put the little legs on the animals and to realize that they were truly going to stand up as promised on the box.

I love them.


Ti-Cup said...

Lily would love them. Must buy.

Heidi said...

Those are awesome!

Amy said...

Cutest cookie cutters ever! I've never seen ones like them before.

Eliana said...

I can't believe they actually turn out. You are as amazing as Target.

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