27 February 2009

The Naked Chef

Here's my favorite nudist preparing a dinosaur to go in the microwave. I put the camera away before he "beatered" the dumplings for our chicken and dumplings.

We have photos of Madame 6-year-old when she was about Tuey's age being a naked chef. Except she wasn't entirely naked. She was wearing a red hooded jacket and hiking shoes and she had a wicker basket on her head (her "umbelda").

Tuey doesn't accessorize.


eliana said...

Why is it so hard to find you an adult man who is willing to let it all out when cooking dinosaurs? Is that so much to ask?

MBC said...

The frightening thing is that I probably could find such a man. I would just have to go to the corner of the library where all the homeless guys hang out.

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