16 February 2009


Madame 4-year-old has this new thing she does in which she climbs up my back, attaches herself around my neck, and proclaims, "Octopus with eight tiny legs holds onto Aunt forever!" And she does. Except that last night I was cleaning up the kitchen and it's very difficult to clean a kitchen with a sea creature attached to one's back, so I told the octopus with eight tiny legs that she could hold on forever after the dishes were done. The octopus is singular of purpose. She attached herself to my ankle (head under dishwasher), while I unloaded dishes. Then she sat on a stool in the middle of the kitchen, occasionally calling out, "Octopus with eight tiny legs waits patiently," while I washed pots. Some would quibble over her use of the word patiently. She's a funny kid.

My Octopus with Eight Tiny Legs

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