02 March 2009

Lit Rock

Teen Tech Week (an ALA initiative to connect teens and technology at the library) is next week (don't ask me about it; I have a super bad attitude about the whole thing), and this year's theme is Press Play @ Your Library. At our library, one of our teen activities next week is a scavenger hunt that requires the teens to find cards around the library. The clues leading the teens to the different areas of the library where they can find the cards are song clips, which I've been selecting and compiling into an MP3 file. One of the songs I'm using is called "Free Percy" and it's about one of the Harry Potter books. It's a ridiculous song and yet it's REALLY catchy. If you listen to it long enough (and if you're trying to select the clip that will best lead teenagers to the Harry Potter books in your teen collection, you'll listen for quite a long time), it really grows on you. It's also long and somewhat hard to understand without reading the lyrics, but you should link over here and listen. I take no responsibility for the inevitable implantation of the song in your head for the rest of your life, which I think has happened to me. Everything I've done for the last 36 hours has been performed to an inner soundtrack of "Hey, Jo, let Percy go . . . "

1 comment:

Ann-Marie said...

"Voldermort's Happy Day" is quite catchy as well!

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