27 April 2009

Camera Discoveries

I discovered some more settings and features on my digital camera.

Child and Animal Setting
Actually, I forgot I had this one until AFTER I tried to take pictures of Marmot Babe in the bathtub bludgeoning My Little Ponies. Next time I'll remember.

Self Portrait Setting
I got my hair cut on Saturday and acquired bangs. I haven't had bangs since the Great Bang Disaster of '99, but I think I like them. For the last month, I've gone to work looking like I had a small, fuzzy lap dog perched on top of my head. This is better.

Movie Feature
It's a real shame that I didn't realize I had the ability to take movies of the marmots earlier. Tuey was happy to perform tonight. The "fruity kake" he refers to is furikake, Japanese sea weedy stuff. Tuey got his very own jar of it for Christmas.


Moo said...

I definitely like the bangs!

Alice said...

Nice hair, I think. Can't quite tell with the black block. Silly identity safety!

Kirsten said...

Loving the bangs, the whole look, and the discovery of new camera settings.

And is it only me, but do others sometimes wonder if the words used for the word verification feature wouldn't be good for a nice game of balderash? Today's word: blardess.

Ti-Cup said...

Loving the hair, MBC.

Ti-Cup said...

So I just showed my munchkin the video of Tuey and I think we have a new crush. She keeps saying "more...more...more." Very cute.

Amy said...

Cute hair! It's almost as good as the style I gave you in Russia.

I like the bangs. I keep cutting those long side-swept bangs, but then the bother me and I grow them out. But they look great.

stash said...

What a great haircut! It looks really good on you.

MBC said...

Thanks for all the hair praise!

Ti-Cup--Tuey is a very good boyfriend. If she's still interested in 20 years, I can probably work something out for her.

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