23 April 2009

It's Like a Rerun that Never Aired, or, Being a Lame Blogger

I went searching through my blog drafts just now to find you all something to read because I don't want to write a brand new post. I'm too busy doing things like deciding if I want to cut off most of my hair and trying to read My Name is Red, which is interesting but also distressing.

So, here's a blog entry I typed up last year and never posted. It was a toss up between this one and the one about Excel and the terrorists.


So I was hanging out with a bunch of people tonight, and someone mentioned nieces and nephews.

Guy Sitting Near Me: I don't have any nieces and nephews.

I should note here that he wasn't actually talking to anyone.

Guy Sitting Near Me: I wish I had nieces and nephews.

Still, no one paying any attention to him.

Guy Sitting Near Me: I love kids.

Completely talking to himself.

Guy Sitting Near Me: Man, I want kids of my own!

These are the conclusions I came to while listening to the Guy Sitting Near Me.

1. He's a crazy person who talks to himself.
2. He's a crazy person who actually WANTED someone to hear him talk about his great desire for children after the manner of Bill Murray during his creepy phase in Groundhog Day.

Bad news either way.

And did I mention that this was the Sheepdog Hater? Yeah, so clearly I must never speak to him again.


Eliana said...

I was actually thinking of Bill Murray when I was reading...I am psychic in the most unhelpful ways.

Cut your hair, it is always the right answer.

MBC said...

I agree about the hair. I'm going to cut it off on Saturday.

chou said...

Ack! Is it just that time of the year when we all want a change? I've been throwing the cut the hair idea round for about 2 months now, and Ben is seriously campaigning against it. Which leads me to this question: Brown or Red? Need a change. Yesterday!

MBC said...

Go brown!

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