24 May 2009

Friendship by Tuey

I'm debating whether or not I should blog about my awkward experience today, but I'm not sure it will translate well into the blogoshere and if you can't grasp how truly, truly awkward it was, there's no point in telling the story. Sooo, while I ponder on that, here's friendship as defined by Tuey.

I babysat the marmots last night. Tuey was running around and had been making eyes at the companion I brought as back-up (an extra set of hands is always helpful when wrangling marmots).

Tuey: Aunt! I have a friend.

MBC: Oh, who's your friend?

Tuey: You are my friend, Aunt!

MBC: Oh, good! What do friends do?

Tuey: (think. think. think) Friends spin!

So we spun in circles for a while. Tuey spun for much longer than I did. Apparently, sometimes it's acceptable for one friend to spin while the other friend watches or wanders away to keep an eye on Marmot Babe.


Breanne said...

Let's hear the awkward story!

Annie M. said...

I agree, you can't say that and then NOT share it. We need the juice here. Please don't leave your readers hanging!

MBC said...

Eh, I think it might require too much back story.

rebekah said...

do they really call you aunt?

MBC said...

They really do call me aunt. Mom. Dad. Aunt.

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