17 May 2009

More Marmot Sports

Madame E(6) plays t-ball.

Sometimes she is the catcher.

Tuey, Madame M(4), and I sit in the bleachers to cheer.

We're very attentive fans.


Anonymous said...

you know your sister was either the best or one of the best baseball players at Garner Elementary. So E comes by it honestly.


Eliana said...

You are a good aunt. You could not pay me enough to go to a t ball game. But a big yellow hat, that could make up for it.

MBC said...

John--Not to disparage anyone's playing, but weren't there like 15 kids in all of Garner?

Eliana--Actually, it's a big yellow hat and another hat under that. He insisted on wearing two, one of which was his mother's.

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