11 May 2009

Skin Prints

Madame M(4) introduced me to a new art form today. M(4) takes a marker (today it was purple), draws a picture on her legs (she told me that both stars and mermaid scales are good), and then presses a piece of paper against the picture. The marker transfers from her skin to the paper and, voila!, skin prints.

It's nice for my sister that the marmots like doing art projects, because whenever a holiday comes along my sister just presses the children into service and they crank out a steady stream of cards and drawings and now skin prints to send to the grandparents. It's like her own in-house sweatshop. I wish I had little kids to exploit.


Eliana said...

I really wish you had taken a picture of this process.

MBC said...

I wish that, too.

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