04 September 2010

Gospel Music

Steve and I like listening to AM radio when we travel. It's especially satisfying when traveling in Tennessee and Virginia, because the stations are full of gospel music and old men advertising yard sales.

On this last trip, we heard "Moses Smote the Water" while we drove through Tennessee, and it reminded me of "Holy Manna," a song I discovered in my sister's Sacred Harp songbook back when she and MarmotDad still had time for shape note singing.

The first video is a performance of "Moses Smote the Water." The next three are versions of "Holy Manna." Mom likes the last version best. I like the second version, which is an example of shape note singing (the actual singing of words comes in the middle).


Brooke said...

Three Words: Elvis' Gospel Album.

MBC said...

Ah, thanks for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

This music makes me lonely for my father.


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