10 September 2010

I Don't Know Any Good Beet Puns

We left our allotment with friends this summer and when we were joyfully reunited with it on Friday, we found plenty to harvest. It was raining when we went out to inspect the garden, so Steve just pulled up one beet and one bag's worth of potatoes.

Red Potato

Red Potato Cross-Section

Blue Potato (It reminds me of a hippo.)

Blue Potato Cross-Section

Chicken Soup with Four Types of Potato

The Beets are Huge!

I used about 1/2 of one beet to make this beet cake.


Anonymous said...

Just goes to support my theory of gardening. Plant, ignore, and pick. I call it survival gardening. What survives I eat.


Moo said...

I love purple potatoes. My uncle almost wouldn't eat the mashed purple potatoes, or the purple potato salad. We still talk about how good the purple potato salad of '09 was.

eliana23 said...

I covet the potatoes. You really are a great human being.

stash said...

That is a monster beet. I'm glad you know some good beet recipes, cause I wouldn't know what to do with a vegetable that big!

MBC said...

KWB--Seems like a good method!

Moo--We only got TWO purple potatoes. Our seed potatoes were not in great shape!

Eliana--If you were close by, we would share our potatoes with you. We've got tons.

Stash--We have LOTS of big beets. Tonight we start the pickling.

E said...

If you need some beet puns, you should check out the episode of The Office where Jim and Pam go to Schrute Farms. It's full of them! Also, the beet cake looks tasty. What kind of frosting is on it?

ldsjaneite said...

That is all so awesome! I'm especially fond of the beet and resultant cake.

Alyssa Rock said...

How about: The Beet Generation.


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