20 September 2010

Steamed Pudding List

1. Last night Steve and I made red caps, a type of steamed pudding.
2. The recipe came from the Barossa Cookery Book, an old school Australian cookbook that Steve found in a used bookshop in London.
3. He found it before he met me.
4. He was sad before he met me.
5. The cookery book has an entire section on steamed and boiled puddings.
6. The directions are along the lines of Add 2 eggs, add flour equal in weight to eggs, add 1/2 of small cupful of sugar.
7. Steve wanted to cook the pudding in the pressure cooker.
8. He settled for cooking it in the steamer.
9. He loves machines.
10. The pudding was tasty.
11. We did not photograph the pudding.
12. Steve would like it noted that this was the first steamed pudding of our marriage.
13. Take note.

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