28 October 2010

Marriage and Halloween All in One Post

I have finally stopped thinking, "Why are you calling me that?" when people address me by my married name. I am less and less surprised when I find electric drills and wiring diagrams and toolboxes in my bedroom. I'm starting to feel like a married person. I consider these important milestones. I feel like I'm finally get my feet under myself, marriage-wise.

Steve and I have been married just over 8 months. I realize that's not very long.

I feel like I've learned a few important things in our married life thus far, but I'm getting hungry so I'll save them for another post. In the meantime, did you know that Halloween originated in Scotland? Yes, it did. And the tradition was to carve turnips and everytime someone here mentions carving pumpkins, another older person must state, "That's American! In my day we carved turnips." And then someone else points out, quite rightly, that a turnip is a very difficult thing to carve.

We are missing the pumpkin/turnip carving because (a) Steve doesn't actually like Halloween and it was a small coup just to get a cooking pumpkin into our home for the season and (b) we're going to Orkney tomorrow. I hope they do something super Orkadian for Halloween up there. I'll let you know.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is funny, Ed and I don't like Halloween either. I learning the further apart I am from my brother the more I am like him. Enjoy the holiday!

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