25 November 2010

I'm Thankful for the Stupid Car. Right?

Yesterday Steve and I both had obligations out of town, so Steve left the car near the train station for me to pick up when I got back into town around 9:00 pm. He also sent me a text message stating that the car was very low on gas and that he'd left some money locked in the glove compartment so I could fill it up ASAP.

Well, yes, the car was very low on gas. I made it less than a mile before it lost power and died. But I'm grateful that it lost power close to the only spot on that particular road where it was easy to coast off the road out of traffic. And I'm grateful that there were chocolate croissants in the car that Steve apparently squirrels away because I don't let him make purchases in the grocery store as freely as he once did. And I'm grateful that we have breakdown insurance. And I'm grateful that a nice police officer stopped to see if I was okay, although he was driving one of those white rental vans without windows, so when he first stopped I thought he might be a kidnapper/criminal coming to offer "aid" but actually planning to chain me up in a basement (I read Reader's Digest). And I'm grateful that the car was just out of gas and not actually broken so the car could be easily fixed (after I waited for an hour in the car in the snow) and Steve could drive it far away to work today. But I now feel completely justified in refusing to drive the car. It does bad things.

Happy Thanksgiving!


ldsjaneite said...

Mmm--chocolate croissants.

Anonymous said...


Mary Beth if you are not already aware, this not the first time Steve has let the car ran out of gas. He has stories.

One time when we were travelling we were just about out of gas and I made Steve stop in a scary res to get gas. I would personally fill up with gas in a scary res then run out of gas in a scary res.

Thanks for another post that proves Steve married the right girl.

I also have phobias created by Reader's Digest. I am afraid that my gas pedal will stick while I am on the highway and that I might fall inside an incinerator at the dump.

A Christmas gift idea for Steve... jerry can.


Anonymous said...

Yes, running on empty is not an unusual event for Steve as his sister has testified. To add to your pluses, as noted you were in the city and had food, and not on some country road 30 miles from anywhere at about 2:00 am. And now you know how far the gas gauge goes down when it flat empty. Important information to know.
BTW Happy Thanksgiving.
Love to you both.

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