09 November 2010

A Quick and Dirty Update

1. I started my bookshop job last week. There was role-playing.

2. Steve and I drove home Sunday night to discover a fire burning in the woods in front of our home. No one seemed fussed about it.

3. Yesterday I walked into the kitchen and found a slice of buttered bread on the counter. The slice was cut in two, so I picked up one half and helped myself to a nice, big bite. This caused Steve to wail. Apparently he was making himself a small sandwich, not preparing to share with me. I helped him out by taking a big bite out of the other half of the bread, so that his sandwich would be even. He was less appreciative of this gesture than one might have expected.


Anonymous said...

The male of the species knows, in principle, that the only thing that should come between him and his food is his spouse. In principle.

Marmot Dad

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Sharing is part of any great marriage.


Anonymous said...

I can just picture Steve's face.

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