13 January 2011

I'm a Terrible Human Being (but Only by Accident)


So, my blog email address was set up to forward to an email account that I actually use. Today, though, I thought, "It's so strange that I never get blog mail anymore. My blog must be getting less interesting to both my readers and to spammers." Not so. The forwarding just stopped working. And it stopped working OVER A YEAR AGO. So, some of you have sent me updates on your lives and nice reading lists and requests for recipes and general correspondence and I have not answered a single one.

I feel bad.

If you sent me something and then I ignored you, it was an accident and I'm sorry. (Unless you're a spammer.)

1 comment:

Alice said...

I was wondering why you haven't sent me that money. Goodness. Hope your day nice.

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