06 February 2011

Check Out My Skillz

Not to brag, but I used a lot of skills this weekend.

I helped set up our greenhouse at the allotment.  I enjoyed that for about five hours.  Unfortunately, it took us about SIX hours to complete the construction.

I learned how to prune trees and fruit bushes.  I do not do it in the manner of someone in my family, which is to hack the plant right straight down to the ground, leaving sad, stumpy sticks.

I roasted a lamb.  Greek-style.  I may not do that again.  It was good, but not four hours of my life good.

I made a sweet potato and ginger steamed pudding.  Steve was quite skeptical when I announced that I was making it, because it's a microwave recipe and, truly, when has microwave cookery ever been a good idea?  Never.  I saw some microwave cookery books in my local library and that is how I know that my library is not true.  BUT, a normal steamed pudding takes about  2 hours.  A microwaved steam pudding takes 4 minutes.  And is delicious.


Anonymous said...

Well done, a true and skilled pioneer woman and all of this while battling a Scottish cold.


Anonymous said...

SOMEONE in your family prunes the same way your father does. He always cuts them right to the ground. The shrub he destroyed a couple of years ago has come back and looks great. I'm thinking of asking him to destroy the rest of them. Mom

MBC said...

I was actually referring to Dad, although Steve likes to take them pretty far back too.

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