14 February 2011

My Niece Makes the Best Valentines Ever

These are the Valentines I made today.  Steve and I are taking them to friends and neighbors tonight (not Jerkface).  I wanted to ice them and decorate them with our pig-shaped sprinkles, but Steve thought the pigs might send the wrong message.  I don't know what he's talking about.  To me, tiny sugar pigs always send this message: LOVE.  Here's what a message of love from my niece looks like.  (Check it out.  It's AWESOME.)

 (Steve made me that cookie cutter himself.  With his own hands (and a welding machine).)

Happy Valentine's Day!


ldsjaneite said...

Your niece does make AWESOME valentines (in every sense of the word)!

Deidre said...

Those are AWESOME valentine's

and I totally think that a little pig sends the right message.

MBC said...

Yes, she's a gem. I only wish I were there to receive one of her creations.

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