10 February 2011

TV, I Love You

Steve and I don't own a TV, but we catch a few things on the BBC iPlayer, like Human Planet (episodes about people living in jungles and on oceans=awesome, episodes about people living in the arctic and in deserts=just okay), and we sometimes get our hands on a movie, like the other week when someone was feeling the stress of writing a PhD and had to be instructed in the art of taking a vacation from his problems by Bill Murray in What About Bob?

Also, there are Thursdays.

On Thursdays we wake up at 5:30 am to get Steve out the door for work in another city. He usually arrives back home at 10 or 11 pm, so I have a big, long day to myself in which I bake and do my soul-destroying work (but I can only ever really do about 5 hours of soul-destroying work on any given day for the obvious reason that it's soul-destroying) and eat cookie dough and edamame salad for dinner (the cookbook said that salad would feed 4 but it just keeps giving) and watch TV on the Internet.

At the beginning of Steve's term, I watched all the most recent episodes of MI-5 that aren't available in the US yet. Then I called my sister to give her hints about what might happen, because she's only season 3 or something.

Then I discovered that there are full episodes of Supernanny on YouTube. I love Supernanny. She's the best.

And now I've gotten my hands on a few episodes of So You Think You Can Dance. Oh, I love the dancing! (Have I mentioned that I've been going to Zumba, which is a bit like dancing except with the elderly and the overweight? I like it.)

Today's episode of SYTYCD included this dance, which caught my fancy. I think I've watched the clip about 15 times today. (Maybe I will have to check my eye-rolling next time Steve becomes very, very enthusiastic about a particular railway video clip.)

This video of it is actually better. If I were you, I'd link over and watch it from there.


Anonymous said...

At our Y, Zumba is dominated by the young and fit (and fast) and the old and overweight (me) can't keep up. You should be here! Mom

Moo said...

I also watch SYTYCD on YouTube. I started watching the UK, Canadian, and Australian versions on there, as well. I still think the U.S. has the best, but the others are enjoyable to watch as well. Yes, my life is very slow in the winter.

MBC said...

Moo--I haven't watched the international ones yet. I thought I saw a billboard here advertising a new season of the UK one but it hasn't shown up on iPlayer. Booo!

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