04 April 2011

Hot Cross Buns with Bicycle-Ground Wheat

Today Steve and I attended a bikemill and bakery event sponsored by Fergus, a friend of Steve's. 

Fergus built this bicycle-powered wheat grinder (please note the little dog on the couch), and it was set up at one of my favorite places, a city-run thrift shop/recycling center that's crammed full of treasures--rows and rows of cookers, bicycles, maps, microwave cookery books, and so forth.  The wheat grinder was set up in a back room that I'd never seen before.  The building used to be a jute mill, so it has very high ceilings and stone walls and crazy old metal doors.  Steve notes, quite rightly, that the wheat grinder looks like it came out of a Wallace and Grommit cartoon.

So, anyway, wheat was being ground through the miracle of bicycling and then being used to bake hot cross buns (and there was a bit of saxophone playing going on as well).

And Fergus played his bagpipes and his girlfriend (the inventor of the Miraculating Machine) played the violin.  I wish I could play the violin.

Steve ground some wheat, and I ground some wheat, but my bicycling will not be pictured as I look distinctly like I have a double chin in all the pictures.

This picture was hanging on the wall.  The man pictured has a very fine bicycle also.  And an enviable mustache.

1 comment:

eliana23 said...

no one else grinds wheat as cool as that. what fun!

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