30 August 2011

How It is in Scotland this Week

1. It's cold here.  It feels like it's October.

2. On Saturday, Steve was gluing a broken bowl back together and managed to glue the superglue bottle to his hand.  It was all very 1980s sitcom.

3. We have cabbage from the allotment this week (hello, fish tacos).  I did not check for slugs before placing it in the refrigerator.  So sad, so sad.

4. I'm teaching the 4-5 year olds at church now.  Half of them are good and half of them are evil. 


Anonymous said...

I never thought there was no such a thing as a bad kid (just misunderstood)until I taught a certain primary class and then became a Scout Leader just to confirm it. The good side was that there was only one bad kid to a host of really good kids. Kind of like a 1 to 100 ratio. Unfortunately it's the one bad one that gets remembered or at least talked about.


Breanne said...

That was the ration in my CTR 5 class. 50/50. And some weeks they would switch and previously evil ones would be good and the good ones would be evil. But it was always 50/50.
Jane just started going to nursery this month and I've felt really, really guilty about the free babysitting. But then Michael pointed out the three years we spent in primary and said that it's just payback. So now I figure I don't have to feel guilty until Jane is 3 1/2. Or do I get to multiply it by the number of evil kids that I had?

Kirsten said...

Good thing you are already pregnant, because there is no better form of birth control than children, especially evil children.

MBC said...

Breanne--What did you do with your naughty ones?

Anonymous said...

I sent them back to their trainers (parents).


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