13 September 2011

A Man with a Canning Plan

Steve loves all things involving steam--steam engines, steamed puddings, etc., so it should not be a surprise that he is also deeply in love with our pressure canner.  Last week we started canning the produce from our allotment rather than eating the same vegetables for days on end.  We put up about 20 pints of beans, and this was a wise decision, because the beans we were able to successfully grow here are runner beans and we're not big fans.  They're huge and felty and don't taste particularly nice.  UNLESS you chop them up small and cook the life out of them in the canner.  Then they're delightful.  Earlier this season, we preserved strawberry jam and now Steve is determined to can everything else still resting in the allotment, even the potatoes. 

He is a domestic goddess.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Steve not so much a domestic god but a "cannized" saint.


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