21 November 2011

31 weeks

  1. I feel really pregnant. 
  2. I can only sleep on the couch now.
  3. Even though we can see our breath in our unheated flat, I never want Steve to turn on the heaters, because I'm plenty warm.
  4. Steve is still not convinced that a baby is better than a puppy.


Amy said...

You may feel very pregnant, but you look like you had a large breakfast, not like you're harboring a human being in that tiny little tummy.

Babies are definitely better than puppies. They smell so much better, and eventually they learn to read.

Hang in there. The last few weeks are rough. And you are very cute.

Anonymous said...

Obviously babies are better than puppies, you don't get allergic reactions to them. A puppy will leave you in your old age, a baby will grow up and take care of you (usually) or at least find someone who will.


ldsjaneite said...

You look great!

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