18 November 2011

The Secret to Scottish Chinese Food

To celebrate Steve's thesis submittal, we took a trip to Steve's favorite Chinese buffet this afternoon.  When we ate there a year ago, I hated it but Baby and I were groovin' on the idea of a buffet today and it was a special treat for Steve, so off we went.  The restaurant's still no good.  The food's all really salty or covered in super sweet and truly unholy sauces.  Steve gave me a bite of two of his favorite dishes--sweet and sour chicken and fried chicken in a lemon sauce--and I realized that my problem is that I don't like deep fried meats and I don't like sauces that taste like jello or canned pie filling.  Honestly, the lemon sauce tastes exactly like lemon jello and has the same bright color.

Fortunately, Steve has recently taken up wok cookery (guided by his hero, Stephen Yan) and makes a mean pineapple chicken dish, so I think our Chinese food needs will be met that way from here on out.


Ann-Marie said...

That video was awesome!

Anonymous said...

I used to watch Steve Yan when I was in high school.


MBC said...

Ann-Marie--And the recipe's tasty too.

KWB--And Steve says he used to watch him as a child.

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