30 December 2011

My TV Nervous Closet

The flat where we are staying has a TV and cable (or satellite or whatever it is that makes all the pretty, pretty channels available).  I am now wondering how I made it through pregnancy this long without the Food Network or reality shows that air water births. 

When E(9) (can you believe she's NINE?) was a little girl she was a wee bit on the neurotic side and a whole lot of seemingly harmless household items made her nervous, including a toy duck that quacked "Aflac" and the detachable hood of Marmot Dad's coat.  My sister stuffed everything E(9) declared nervous-making into the linen closet, which became known as the Nervous Closet.  Occasionally E(9) (who was probably 2 or 3-years-old at the time) would walk tenuously to the closet with me and command, "Open it."  Then she stood in front of the open closet with her fists clenched and shook until she was done scaring herself.

I feel the same way about birth TV shows and books.  I tried to read Birth: A History at the beginning of my pregnancy but I was so freaked out by the author's description of a c-section in which the doctor popped her baby out "like a champagne cork" that I decided that this year was not the correct year for that particular book.  I do like watching those televised water births, but in a kind of shaking-in-front-of-the-nervous-closet kind of way.  Which is fine.  When I'm done, I just pop over to see what's happening on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives so that Steve and I can drool over a bit of American roadfood and repeat over and over to one another, "Hey, we could eat one of those this spring!" (with our BABY).


Kjerste said...

I'd forgotten how nervous E used to be. She once wouldn't get in the car because I was sitting in the back seat. (E: "There's a lady in there." S: "It's OK. That's a nice lady.")

Anonymous said...

I thinks we all should have a nervous closet to put our fears in. And like E we open it for from time to time and and face them until we can stop shaking and deal with them.


MBC said...

Kjerste--Yeah, she once had a freak out at an Indian restaurant because the waiter's turban scared her.

KWB--Not a bad idea!

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