05 January 2012

Good Thing These Maternity Clothes are Stretchy

1.  It's beautiful outside this morning.
2.  I proclaimed to Steve that I would be leaving the flat today (a novel idea) to enjoy a walk in the beautiful sunshine.
3.  Steve looked sceptical.
4.  Last time I insisted I needed to take a walk, I only made it two blocks before I declared that we were going back inside and staying there until April.
5.  I just checked the temperature online.
6.  Five degrees Celsius and wind*.
7.  Maybe I'll just stay inside and continue to eat brownies.

*I don't want to hear from anyone that 5 degrees is not cold.  It IS cold.  Very cold.


Lady Susan said...

Wise decision.

Moo said...

Cold is relative. Hope you enjoy your brownies.

Anonymous said...

Given a choice between 5 C or brownies. The brownies will win hands down. Actually the brownies win at any temperature.


MBC said...

So, actually, I did end up walking down to see the swans at the pond and it was not as cold out as I expected.

And THEN I finished eating all the brownies.

CSIowa said...

Congratulations on the walk and the brownies! I had to look it up, but apparently 5 C is 41 F. Believe it or not, the thermometer on my car here in Iowa registered 61 F (16 C) yesterday afternoon! Since this doesn't seem to be the winter where we have highs of 8 F (-13 C), I will let you say that your 5 C is cold without repercussions.

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