24 January 2012

The Waiting Game

  1. I have discovered that the best way to while away time waiting for a baby is with a box of assorted Indian sweets.  Mmmm.  Really counteracts the grouchy (but doesn't force the baby out).
  2. It would appear (unless he's winding me up) that Steve has just discovered that the word is contraction not contraption.
  3. We had a botulism scare this morning.  I opened a can, which shot out some liquid, which I then carried on draining, planning to pop it into the slow cooker.  Apparently, this was very, very bad (although the can was not bulgy and may not have been actual poison).  Steve decontaminated the whole area and gave me a wee lecture on food safety (apparently, my rather strict food safety rules are not grounded in science or actual fact).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A contraption is any type of device although today it usually refers to one of dubious quality. A contraction is what will expel Baby McBaby when the time comes.


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