02 February 2012

I Can See Why Those Epidurals are So Popular

So labor is rubbish, huh?  I've never been a big fan of the birth story, but here are a few notes about what I was doing this time last week.

  1. I was in labor for 19 hours and around hour 7, I believed I had discovered the secret to pain-free birth.  I was sitting in the bathtub singing songs.  The singing forced me to breathe out for long periods of time, and I was planning to write a book and make millions with my new birthing technique, but then we hit hour 10 and if someone had suggested singing to me as a coping strategy at that point, I would have punched him/her in the face.
  2. Steve discovered a better strategy--blowing into a straw, which I actually found more effective than using gas and air to manage labor.
  3. Steve is an exceptional birth partner.
  4. The baby's birth was natural, but then I had to have surgery to remove the placenta, so I ended up in the hospital for two days with a spinal block and drips and all that rubbish anyway.
  5. Spinal blocks are awesome.
  6. Hospital food is rubbish the world over.  Especially anything that claims to be fricasse.


Anonymous said...

You are wise to try and hold on to that placenta. They hold amazing medicinal powers.

This is Rebekah. Can't sign in at work.

eliana23 said...

Hope you are feeling ok. I'm going to be saying rubbish in my head all day. Kiss baby H for me.

Apple Pie said...

I always have mixed feelings about hospitals and birth, but in the end, I guess they end up doing the job. I'm glad they took care of you. I hope you are still getting the care and rest you need.

Meg said...

I think that epidurals are a bit scary. I am grateful that I have managed to avoid them thus far. Glad to hear you didn't have any complications with yours.

MBC said...

Rebekah--And they didn't even ask if I wanted to keep it.

Eliana--I do love the word, but I didn't realize I'd used it quite so much until I read your comment.

Apple Pie--Yes, I was glad to have the doctors around when I needed them and lots of people are looking after us now.

Meg--I wanted to avoid anything like an epidural but it all went very smoothly and we loved the doctor who did it.

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