28 February 2012

This is how I blog while holding a baby in one arm.

Steve and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary last week.  We went to an Indian restaurant that friends had recommended and showed up for the lunch buffet.  No one was there.  The hostess greeted us in her coat.  The fountain was turned off.  The buffet table was empty.  The hostess seated us and Steve and I started whispering to each other, What time is it?  Are they closed today?  They were open but they chose to serve us the buffet at our table--meaning they just brought us some plates of food and then asked if we wanted more.  Odd.  But delicious.

We took a commemorative photo, but some of us are still quite, um, puffy post pregnancy and don't need any photos of ourselves online just now.

1 comment:

CSIowa said...

You are very skillful!

Our pediatrician when #5 was born had come to Iowa from England via Canada. "Puffy" is an excellent word!

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