25 April 2012

Parenting Q&A: Cloth Diapers

On Wednesdays I give you Parenting Q&A.

I will first answer a question and then ask a question.  Simple.

Q: How do you balance housework and caring for a new baby?
A: I ignore anything I see that's dirty except for the baby and the bathroom.  Steve's in charge of the kitchen and I just pretend I haven't noticed the dust bunnies under the bed yet.  This may continue as my MO even after The Bairn is in his 20s, because it gives me so much extra time to look for chocolate Steve may have hidden around the apartment.

Q: For those of you who cloth diaper, what supplies/accessories (cloth diaper specific detergent, diaper pail liners, those special sprayers that attach to the toilet, etc.) do you use and actually find worthwhile?

Sporting a pocket diaper.  Pocket diapers are supposed to be The Thing, but so far I'm not finding them any more convenient or leak-proof than our diaper/vinyl pants combos.
We just switched The Bairn to cloth diapers.  Most of our diapers are still on a ship in the Atlantic, but the price of disposables was killing me, so we supplemented the supply from my sister with used pocket diapers from Kijiji (Canada's craigslist), giving us enough to get started.  Since we haven't even bought a couch yet, it may not surprise you to learn that we weren't entirely prepared for the switch and, as yet, have no diaper pail.

Tell me everything.  What do you use?  What do you like?  What was a waste of money?


Tiana said...

OK, when it comes to cloth I definitely have some opinions. If you want to hear them all, email me. But the short version is this: LOVE my cloth diapers, but Steven would have totally nixed it had it not been for pocket diapers with flushable liners. Genius. We bought Kawaii diapers (made in China, shipped from Canada, I believe). Just as good as the bigger names, half the price. Get good detergent. I like Rockin Green.

MBC said...

I may indeed email you. I saw the flushable liners at the place here in town that sells cloth diaper stuff and wondered about them. We just got some Allen's detergent to try. The person we got our pocket diapers from swears by it, but I think my sister just used Tide for her Mother-ease one size diapers (which are the other type we have and are not all in ones), so we're experimenting with the Allen's.

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