05 April 2012

THWARTED on every side

Actually, I'm only thwarted on the one side, but it's giving me a pain.

I love socialized medicine.  I thought our healthcare in Scotland was the bee's knees.  We just signed up for the medical practice closest to us and when we needed to see one of the doctors or the practice nurse or the midwife, we made an appointment and received very nice medical attention for free. 

The Canadian system is a bit different and in theory I approve of it but the actual practice is giving me an ulcer.  Here we receive health cards that can be used at any medical institution and we register with an individual doctor.  Should be fine except that NO ONE is accepting new patients.  I called around yesterday, starting with the office closest to us and then just working down the list in the phone book.  I called the hospital on the advice of one doctor's office and then the provincial Department of Health and Welfare.  Nothin'. 

I wouldn't be so anxious about it except that my sweet boy has not had a full check-up since the day after he was born and I have lots of questions to ask a medical professional, starting with, Is that gasping sound my infant makes just a fun noise he's discovered or does it mean he was some sort of stealthy baby smoker in the womb without my knowledge?

This morning I'm calling the District Health Authority and then wheeling The Bairn down to the closest doctor's office to see if they can really say no to his sweet, fat face.  Especially now that he laughs.  No one can refuse a laughing baby, can they?

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MBC said...

Steve came home Thursday for lunch and found me distraught about this because I'd spent the morning being rejected some more. He picked up the phone, made one phone call, and got the baby a doctor.

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