24 May 2012

For the Grandparents: May

The Bairn:
  • will be 4 months old tomorrow
  • is fascinated by tooth brushing
  • likes to have is legs up in the air whenever his bottom is naked

  • enjoys doing a horizontal Riverdance on the bed
  • has become a terrible sleeper since the weather's warmed up
  • has discovered thumb sucking but hasn't figured out where to put the other fingers yet (except in his eye) 

  • chats all the time
  • can roll from tummy to back
  • is adorable


Anonymous said...

He's growing up fast. We are all agreed he is adorable. Less than a month until we hold him again.

Grammie and Papa

Moo said...

Yay! I think the blanket is much better with a cute, little baby on it.1

MBC said...

Moo--We think it looks great all the time (but the baby doesn't hurt)!

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