15 May 2012

Parenting Q&A: Baby Books

On Wednesdays I give you Parenting Q&A.

I will first answer a question and then ask a question.  Simple.

Q: How is the sleep training going?
A: Shut up.

Q: What are your favorite books for babies?

I really like Each Peach Pear Plum, which I discovered via the marmots, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  The Bairn also has a book of colors my sister gave him that he likes and two of the books we currently have checked out of the library, Pat-a-Cake and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star both illustrated by Annie Kubler.  I realize he's actually too young for it, but he HATES Goodnight, Moon.  Will not even let me hold it while he's in my lap.  I can't wait until he's old enough for the big Richard Scarry books.  I've been scouring yard sales for them and may actually buy them in a store, if I can't find them.  I love them that much.  Oh, the pickle car.

Any book suggestions for wee boys?


Katya said...

The very hungry caterpillar.

Anonymous said...

Do not purchase Richard Scarry books until you have talked with Grammie.


MBC said...

Ah, yes, Katya! Steve had never heard of this one. I was SHOCKED. I haven't seen it at our library yet, but when I do, I want to bring it home.

Papa--Will do.

eliana23 said...

THE BELLY BUTTON BOOK, which I can recite for you if you would like.
And when he is just slightly older, NOT A BOX.

E said...

The Bean loved "The Band Concert," which is a board book based on the old Disney cartoon of the same name. There's no words, really, only the sounds of the band instruments, the wind, and other things. He used to laugh and laugh when we read it.

Nemesis said...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (and the other Eric Carle books) are great. Also Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton. When TDL was that tiny he really liked looking at board books with photographs of other babies in them. Also books with mirrors in them. I love Pat the Bunny (disgusting perfumed page aside) but HATE that it's this flimsy notebook thing that falls apart immediately.

Jefran said...

The Ahlbergs also have a book called the Baby's Catalogue - just loads of drawings of babies and things in baby world. Tremendous hit with my two. All the Ahlberg books are lovely.They had a wonderful series of board books but now OP unfortunately. For a little older recommend Shirley Hughes' Alfie books. Especially Dogger.

MBC said...

Thanks, Eliana! Am not familiar with those at all. My children's book knowledge is much worse than my familiarity with books for older people.

E--I can imagine that that would be a hit with our baby, too, as his favorite song is currently 'I Asked the Witch Doctor.' He likes the funny sounds.

Nemesis--He has a book with pictures of babies that I'd forgotten about. When I first showed it to him, he wasn't very interested, because he mostly prefers larger sized books, but I just pulled it out again and he was FASCINATED.

Must check out Baby's Catalogue, Jefran. Haven't seen it, but like the authors' other works a lot. And I'm not familiar with Shirley Hughes either, so thanks for the recommendation!

Loo said...

"The noisy counting book" is great. Our son didn't like books (until his sister did), but he loved the noisy counting book.

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